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Telford Lake Video

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Photo Gallery

Click here to view Photos from the 2009/2010 Season


Sandy Beach 24 HR Numb Bum Video

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Telford Lake Practice Video

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Telford Lake Videos

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Stories & Articles

Jarret King's article on Numb Bum 24 on www.directmotocross.com

Innovator Award

The "Innovator" Award

This award was first introduced in 1993.  It is awarded annually to the team which shows the most innovation and ingenuity during the 24 hour Numb Bum to finish or resume the race with the bike/quad that they started the race with.  (The plaque will remain the property of the Numb Bum and will be displayed at a local dealership)


Speed Twin Psychos


Cool Running's


Chosen Free


The Bar Bashers


Quad Trash
1998 #37 & #69 Frozen Lake Dogs and Motorcycle Mech Class (Fairview College)


Team W.F.O.


Snatch Racing


In 2001 the Onoway Outlaws won the award. Two laps into the race the connecting rod on their 250R broke, so they swapped tires with their parts quad, which had no rear shock,
and rode it for about 14 hours until they lost a ring. Then they took the top end off the quad they had started the race with and slapped it on the parts machine. The team spent a good six hours rebuilding machines and swapping parts, and came in
second last, but finished the race.
Here's a link to a couple pictures of our pit, and the race.


The Innovator was awarded to Quad team #169.  They completely rebuilt their engine from the cases up and completed the race after a 16 hour breakdown!


The Innovator is awarded to bike #4 the Bar Bashers (Note: That is the second time they have been awarded the Innovator award.)


Bike #034 Alberta Cycle built 20 tires to replace flats. They had to send people into town to purchase more screws and tires. As well, 1hr into the race their transmission blew and they suffered the popular HID light problems. The tranny blew while in reverse gear. "Mike, what were you doing in reverse?"



Second Mortgage Racing for nearly stripping their 2 spare machines to finish the race with the same machine as they started with, they finished in 3rd place in their class.


Ice Holes, this team from Seattle, Washington rode their bike without a clutch for over 8 hours they also had a break in their rear wheel hub early in the race. They borrowed a stator from a another team during the night and using tire plugs as gaskets for keeping there engine oil in and finishing 3rd in their class.


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